15 Useful Upcycling Projects That Will Inspire you.

There is one golden rule to be a DIY pro  and that is ”Never throw anything”.
Nowadays almost everything we are using can be upcycled and repurposed. There are large amounts of projects to make, from creating a desk lamp from an old camera, or using old wooden tennis rackets to create a beautiful vintage table, even those small wine crocks could be transformed into succulent planters, simply Amazing.

When you upcycle old things  or just stuff that you are not using anymore brings a good use to those products and the best part of it is that it truly saves you a lot of money.
Here are 15 of brilliant projects that will inspire you to start your DIY journey, this could be achieved with just some creativity and a bit of time.

1# Skateboard Lamp

Lamps can be created even form an unused old skateboard, a perfect example to show the variety of opportunities you have.

2# Desk Lamp


Show love for your old Cameras as well by upcycling them into some stylish desk lamps.


3# Old Toys transformed into Action Figure Lamp


When your kids have outgrown their toys already, what’s left to do is either give it to others or throw them away, unless you are planning to have another one soon. But most of us have a habit of just keeping them because of its sentimental value which ends up to just being a clutter. When you just can’t let go of these toys especially your beloved action figures, might as well upcycle them to something more useful. Here’s a project that will surely be a new favorite.

4# Knife block from old Books


Want to keep your knives away from the bubs? Or maybe you just want them easily within your reach? Knives are essential to any kitchen, but it can also cause accidents especially with children around. We found a range of ideas for storing your kitchen knives. You can place them in a drawer just underneath the cupboard, stick them on a magnetic strip on the wall near a kitchen counter, or you can store them in makeshift or contemporary knife racks. One of them could be the perfect storage idea for your knives!

5# Make aprons from Old Shirts



This was refashioned from an old button-down shirt, this particular apron features some coordinating pockets and a vibrant waistband for a fashionable twist.

6# Vintage Washtub Sink

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This is a vintage washtub sink, ladder towel rack and window mirror, stunning right?

7# Rope coil ottoman with a used tire


You know that bald tire that would certainly go to waste? You can upcycle it, creating a cool seat for your home. And it will be a cheaper option to anything you can buy in the store that will look this nice.

8# Vintage Domino Clock


To combine my love of vintage with his love of games, our home office is decorated with old wooden game boards from the 1930s-1950s. They make for great wall decor and it’s been a fun challenge to hunt them down. This domino clock idea can be found also on Pinterest.

9# Vintage tennis racket table


I started collecting wooden tennis rackets years ago thinking that I’d use them at the lake as wall decor.  I still may execute that idea but loved repurposing these rackets into a table base. The Summer of Flea Market Style was the inspiration for this project.  My table is built similarly to the one in the magazine but with a few differences.

10# Rustic Enamel mug organizer


This project was one that came to me in the middle of the night… You know, those hours you spend looking up at the ceiling because your husband is snoring. It ended perfectly though, so in  a way my husband needs to be properly thanked for that hehe!

11# Turning Old wine corks into succulent Planters is amazing


These cork planters are super sweet. They are easy to make and make awesome fridge magnets. We also think they’d make for great upcycled gifts. Got a wine or plant lover on your list? We’ve got you covered.

12# Mason jar tissue holder


With allergy season ramping up and those dumb colds making the rounds any time of the year, it seems like we are always in need of a box of tissues in every room and within arm’s length.  So let’s make them into something that we love, shall we?  A mason jar is just what we need for this hack so grab one and read on! The beauty of the good ole mason jar is that you can paint it, tint it, spray it, etc. to make it any style you’d like it to be.  And with the addition of any style of scrapbook paper you can customize it even more!  Add some tissues and you’ll never have to go far for a tissue again.

13# Hanging shelves from belts


Start by getting your board cut to the desired length of your shelves, and then paint or stain the shelves as you wish. . .

14# Chic Safety pin bracelet


You’d be surprised at how sophisticated a safety pin bracelet can look. Not only is it beautiful, but it also makes a very eco-friendly fashion statement. You’re basically turning regular household items into a glamorous addition to your jewelry box. The beauty of the safety pin bracelet is that anyone can make it. All it takes is some common craft materials and a lot of time. Did I mention that these bracelets would only cost you a few dollars to make?

15# DIY Mosaic floor from real pennies