15 Pretty Ways to Wear Your Ponytail

8. Extra long ponytail

Extra long ponytail

Ma Nouvelle Mode guides you through the process of creating a hair illusion that will make your ponytail look double as long as it really is! Split the hair horizontally, making the top half into a higher ponytail and the bottom half into a lower one right underneath. When the top ponytail hangs down, it’ll hide the top of the second ponytail and the elastic, making it look like the lower hair is also part of the ponytail on the top.

9. Raw textured pony

Raw textured pony

We’re used to making our ponytails quite neat and sleek, worn higher up than the nape of our neck, because that’s the style that we’ve been used to for years. Nadyana is here to remind you, however, that sometimes a variation on the classic is a good thing. Try lowering the ponytail, tying it more loosely, and pulling some of the hair at the top put so it relaxes the whole look.

10. Braid and bouffant pony

Braid and bouffant pony

Besides adding just a little bit of intricate detail to a ponytail in the form of braids, why not add some height to the top as well? We find that, whenever we backcomb the top of our hair into a bouffant style, we have more freedom with where we put the ponytail because all levels look good! The Small Things combines the three features for an awesome hairstyle all round.

11. Braided crown and pony

Braided crown and pony

Are you a big fan of wearing hairbands with sleek high ponytails in order to frame the face a little bit and make the look a little less severe? We like that too, but we might like this variation even a little bit more! Instead of adding a hairband, Real Asian Beauty shows you how to build one all across the head using your own hair! The neater the braid is, the cooler the style will look.

12. Hidden hair tie

Hidden hair tie

Sometimes even the smallest change to a classic style is all you need to give it just the update you were looking for! That’s why this adorable technique for wrapping the hair around your ponytail’s elastic caught out eye so well. It’s simpler than it looks but pinning the hair discreetly can take some practice, so check out how it’s done on Artzy Creations.

13. Pretty wrapped pony

Pretty wrapped pony

Just in case you loved the wrapped look so much that the little section of hair you’d wrap around the elastic in the style above wasn’t quite enough for you, Love Maegan shows you how to make a more dramatic version of the same idea! Wrap a larger section of hair around a longer length of the ponytail at the top instead of just around the elastic.

14. Deconstructed pony

Deconstructed pony

Are you a huge fan of messier styles that are just polished enough to get away with? We are too because we find that it relaxes a more formal look, helping you hit the perfect balance between the two. We love the way Wit & Delight pulled strands from a neatly done ponytail and repinned them strategically to make a stylishly distressed look.

15. Twisted side pony

Twisted side pony

Sometimes the easiest way to tie your hair back for the day is just to gather it into a low ponytail, but we do like to keep things interesting every once in a while! A Beautiful Messsuggests giving the style more style by creating a few simple twists along the back at the nap of your neck, typing the ponytail on a cute angle at the side.

Do you have another favourite way to wear your ponytail uniquely? Tell us about it or link us to pictures of your hair all styled!