15 Pretty Ways to Wear Your Ponytail

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Winter is a hard season for hair styling because we’re all stuck wearing hats for so many months in a row. We don’t often spend time in the morning doing our hair because by the time we get to work and pull our warm hats off, the style is usually ruined. We quite like wearing ear warmers or knitted headbands, however, and they’re easier to style out hair with because they won’t interfere with a good ponytail! Even then, we do get bored of wearing our hair the same way every day.

That’s why we’ve been searching for fun new variations on classic ponytails! Check out these 15 awesome styles that will keep things interesting this winter!

1. Fluffy fishtail braid pony

Fluffy fishtail braid pony

Yet Another Beauty Site guides you through the process of turning a regular old high ponytail into something with a little more texture and style! Fishtail braids have been particularly trendy this year and they’re usually worn low, but we’re in love with the idea of fishtailing a ponytail starting just below where the hair curves to hang down.

2. Low, tight fishtail braid pony

Low, tight fishtail braid pony

Do you love a good fishtail but you’re actually quite fond of the low hanging kind? Then make it unique in comparison to the average fishtail by making it a little shorter and tighter! We love how Fashion Passion stopped this braid half way down the ponytail, leaving a cascade of hair below it. We also can’t stop looking at how neat and tidy the braid looks pulled tighter!

3.  The ponytail bow

The ponytail bow

Hair bows have been trending for a few years now, but we’re still not over them. They’re just such a simple, stylish way to jazz up an otherwise plain ponytail. We like the way Yet Another Beauty Site placed their ponytail quite low so that the bow has plenty of space to sit against the back of the head without sticking up obnoxiously or so low that it isn’t noticed.

4. Triple topsy ponytail

Triple topsy ponytail

Do you remember “topsy tails” from the 90s, where you’d look your ponytail through a plastic hoop on a handle and pull it through the top of the ponytail, just above the elastic, so the whole ponytail turns inside out? Well, that style has finally come back into trend years later! We’re pretty much in love with the way The small Things turned three smaller topsy tails across the back into one low ponytail by gathering the spare hair at the bottom into one elastic.

5. Single low topsy tail pony

Single low topsy tail pony

Do you love the idea of the topsy tail look above but you wonder if it might look a little too busy for the office, or you’d just rather an easier version? Then follow the steps on Hair Romance to create a single ponytail that, instead of featuring topsy turns horizontally, is made of vertically layered ones down the length of the ponytail.

6. Double mini braids pony

Double mini braids pony

Braiding the bangs away from the face has been on trend for a few years now, but we’re still using the technique because there are just so many ways that you can use it, with each one unique and different looking from the last. Here, Fashion Guilt shows you how to partner a braid in the front of the hair with one that comes around from the back of the head, so they meet at the side at the top of a loose, curly pony tail.

7. Braided into a high pony

Braided into a high pony

Is the look above this one almost what you’re looking for, but you’d rather all the emphasis be on a nice, neat braid from the front, rather than sharing the attention with another braid? Then try creating just one nice, neat French braid that pulls the hair neatly away from the face towards the back, gathering it along with the rest of the hair into a clean high ponytail. Glamour shows you how it’s done. 

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