15 Pool Noodle Life Hacks Worth Trying

The pool noodle—has there ever been so much joy derived from such a simple concept? If you’re willing to throw down a couple of bucks for one, you can hop into a beautiful lake and float blissfully for hours on end. But now pool noodle fans have even more reason to celebrate. A recent wave of life hacks has taken the popular pool toy to even greater heights, and this list of DIYs is perfectly suited to life at the cottage.

1. Keep your boots upright.


2.Hands-free cardholder


3.Bucket filler

4.Trampoline spring guards


5.Floating cooler

6. Prop up your paint brushes.

7. Keep garments crease-free.

8. Don’t lose valuables down the side of the bed.

9. Make a sprinkler.

10. Use as the base for a DIY wreath.

11. Add a wire hanger, and you can make wreaths in many different shapes.

12. Keep babies from chewing the metal shopping carts.

13. Keep doors from latching accidentally.

14. Store extra cords neatly.

15. Use as part of a DIY activity gym for your baby.


Source: Diply.com