15 nifty beauty hacks every busy Mom needs to know

With very little effort we can up our beauty game with tricks that will make us feel like a million dollars. These beauty hacks will give you more precision, style, and of course beauty. These hacks will help you to pamper yourself like a goddess and make you look better than you ever had when you’re through.

Here are our favorite beauty hacks that will have you looking super fly.

Use a Credit Card to Get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

If you’re using liquid eyeliner it’s a littler tricker to get straight. This trick wil help you steady your hand.

Source: Gorgeous Girl

Make Bright Eye Colors Pop

Put a base of white eyeshadow or liner on your eyes before adding your colors. This will make your color eyeshadow and liners pop.

Source: Style Craze

Smoky Eye

To get a clean looking smoky eye, place your eyeshadow on one brush and then use a clean brush to blend the color outward. You can also use a hashtag with eyeliner to create a smoky base.

Source: South Beach

Plump Lips

Drop some peppermint oil into your lip gloss to plump up your lips.

Source: Pinterest

Instant Eyelift

Get a brow lift, wide eye, and rested eye with these eyeliner tricks.

Source: South Beach

Smooth Mascara

Prevent mascara from clubbing by putting it in your bra or holding it between your thighs or under your armpit to warm up the mascara so it goes on smoothly.

Source: Birchbox

Instant Party Look

Need a touch of fun? Add glitter to your eyelids or an anywhere else.

Source: Pretty Designs

Concealer is Your Friend

Concealer can fix mistakes, make things look bigger, and make things look smaller. Check out the tricks below.

Source: Pinterest

Face Wipes By the Bed

Leave face wipes near your bed for those nights when you know you’re not going to be getting up to wash your face before you go to bed.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Grow Your Lashes

Use a cotton swab to wipe baby powder on your lashes in between mascara applications to give you longer, thicker lashes.

Source: Elle

Darker Eyeliner

Burn the tip of your eyeliner pencil and let it cool a bit for lining your eyes with it. This will intensify the color and give you a thicken your application.

Source: Mundo.com

5 Minute Face

You’ll need a quick routine to make yoursel look presentable in 5 minutes or less. Here‘s how to get a 5-minute face.

Source: All Lacquered Up

Thicker Hair

Give the appearance of thicker hair by painting your roots with a darker eyeshadow.

Source: Elite Daily

Get Bobby Pins to Stay in Place

Spray your bobby pins with hair spray to help them stay in place.


Fix Smudged Polish


Source: YouTube Screenshot

Gently lick your nail to fix a smudge while it’s still wet. You should be safe from ingesting it if you barely lick it.