15 Life Hacks That Will Help You Survive Between Pay Days

There are two types of people: the ones who manage properly their finances, and on the other hand the ones that are spending money like their last day. These people that are addicted to shopping we call them shopaholics. If you knew some hacks than managing your finances would be far more easier. Here we will show you 15 hacks that you will thank us for presenting them.

1. Online shopping is a great help in buying stuffs. It is of a huge importance for you to clear browsing history and cache. Companies that operate online take that information from your searches and may increase the prices.

2. Save money from decreasing the brightness. Is it not recommended to let the brightness on the computer and tv too high. Tone down the brightness and in this way you will save money and your health more importantly.

3. Pay with cash, not with card. Studies suggests that people who buy stuff with cash attend to spend less money than those who pay with card.

4. Wait till the end of month if you decided to buy a large purchase. Usually salesman have a goal that they have to reach in each month. If you wait till the end of month you may benefit discount in the product.

5. White roof with save your money. Studies suggest that dark roofs absorb heat. This all results in spending money on the air-conditioner. Save money with a simple hack.


6. Brew your own coffee. Local coffee may save your time, however we do spend a lot of money on coffee; it is quite unnoticeable. Make your own coffee and save a lot of money.

7. Check for the ingredients in brands. You don’t have to buy an expensive product if the same ingredients can be found on the cheaper brand.

8. Dine at culinary school. Everyone likes to dine out, however a smart trick on saving your money, is dining at the culinary school. You’ll have a great dinner with cheap price.

9. Consume more water. Often, we feel hungry. However, we misunderstand our needs. We buy snacks and drinks, when all we needed is the water. By consuming more water daily you can overcome this misunderstanding.

10. Put a heavy object in the toilet water tank. With each flush, more water than it is needed is lost. If you put a heave object in the toilet water tank, you will save water in each flush.

11. Plug out the devices. If you are not using a device, beside turning it off you will need to plug them off. Studies have founded that people in each year spend more than 100 dollars, from the devices that are not plugged off.

12. Have a free day from spending money. It may be difficult but try a day without spending any money. You will be surprised with the results.

13. Check the car tires to make sure that they are inflated. Inflated tires help the gas mileage.

14. Do you need it?. Often we are impulsive in making decisions. If you don’t need something but still you want it, wait 3 days. If you still want it, then you can buy it.

15. There’s a way to revive those fraying bristles of your toothbrush. Boil some water, pour it in a bowl and whisk your toothbrush through it a few times. You’ll put off buying a new toothbrush because your original one will look brand new!