15 hilarious store names that will make you laugh way harder than you should

A play on words or puns can often work great in an elaborate joke, but when you incorporate a cheesy pun into the name of a business, you’re certainly going to grab a lot of attention. Some stores or restaurants like to have a bit of laugh and don’t take themselves very seriously. One thing’s for sure: these fifteen businesses definitely deserve to be at the top op the list when it comes to cleverness and creativity.

1. Some of the names are just simply brilliant in simplicity…

businesses-1Source: Tuxboard

2. It appears this oriental restaurant has a unique method of luring customers inside.

Source: Blazepress

3. You’d want to walk on water, just to come eat here.

businesses-14Source: Newsmonkey

4. If you do manage to lose your key, I’m sure these folks would be eager to help you find it.

businesses-13Source: Neatorama

5. This name is truly one in a million.

businesses-12Source: Juan in a Million

6. We have to admit that when done right, Spanish puns are really great.

businesses-11Source: Eye Carumba

7. Even the German language works pretty well for finding clever puns.

businesses-10Source: Moment of Clairity

8. Barbara Streisand: superstar by day, a barber by night.

businesses-9Source: FilipiKnow

9. Let’s hope the food over here is just as fancy as on the historic cruise ship.

businesses-8Source: Newsmonkey

10. Delicious pita’s straight from Neverland.

businesses-7Source: Biznamewiz

11. If Jackie Chan had a favorite restaurant, this would be it.

businesses-6Source: Dumpaday

12. Some even say this is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ for delicious bread.

businesses-5Source: Ranker

13. The perfect restaurant for a magical piece of kebab in an instant.

businesses-4Source: Newsmonkey

14. The perfect delicious and tasty treat for your pet!

businesses-3Source: Yellowpages

15. If you’re a fan of Acadamy Award winning bread, you’ve come to the right place.

businesses-2Source: Metro

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