15 Exceptional Recipes for Lovers of Italian Food

Let’s get real: Italian food is one of the greatest things in life! Italian people just know their culinary! They are the masters of carbs and they mix together flavors that instantly send us into food heaven. Italian cuisine is probably your number one choice of comfort food and we wanted to share our favorite 15 Italian food recipes that will make you happy, full and truly apprecia

1. Mozzarella Penne 

Of course we’re starting with pasta and cheese – the classic combination! Penne pasta is the people’s favorite and always goes along with a really good sauce! Use mozzarella as your choice of cheese for a more sophisticated version of the meal, following Lil’ Luna‘s lead!

2. Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken 

While Italians may be the carb royalty, don’t underestimate their skills to prepare meat! You have to try this creamy Tuscan chicken by The Recipe Critic to see what we mean! Don’t forget to serve it with a big plate of noodles!

3. Fettuccini Alfredo 

Alfredo sauce is an all time classic! No matter how many times you’ve had it, it never gets boring! The creamy, buttery flavor is simply the best! The Gracious Wife will teach you how to make a true Italian Alfredo and pour the sauce over fettuccini noodles!

4. Cheesy Garlic Bread 

Garlic bread is something you absolutely must try in this lifetime! It contains all of the best things about Italian cuisine: carbs, cheese, garlic and herbs! What’s not to love?! It’s like Kinder Surprise, but for foodies! Visit Handle the Heat to see the recipe!

5. Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells 

You can’t claim you are a true lover of Italian cuisine if you’ve never had stuffed pasta shells before! Whether it’s your first time or you’ve eaten them countless times before, try the recipe by Crunchy Creamy Sweet and enjoy in the amazing combination of ricotta and tomato sauce!

6. Tomato Basil Bruschetta 

The thing we love about Italian food so much is that it’s incredibly convenient to make! Quick, simple and delicious, that’s how they roll! If you are ever super busy but really craving some Italian goodness, these bruschettas with tomato and basil by Vege Cravings should be your go-to meal!

7. True Italian Pizza

You’ve probably had pizza so many times it would be impossible to count. As such, you know that not every pizza is the same! There’s no better place to learn how to make  a true, fluffy, rich-in-flavor Italian pizza than at Walks of Italy! This isn’t just a pizza, it’s the pizza!

8. Italian Roasted Potatoes 

Yes, the wonderful people of Italy have perfect roasted potatoes as well! Is there anything they can’t do?! These potatoes have an Italian twist and you can guess that it includes cheese and delicious seasoning! Find out the details at Rasa Malaysia!

9. Ricotta and Spinach Calzones 

While pizza calzones may have stolen the hearts of many, Kitschen Cat shares a fresh recipe for calzones with spinach and ricotta! They are a great option for dinner parties and other social gatherings where you just want to bond with your loved ones over simple, convenient food!

10. Cheese Stromboli 

If you’ve never made stromboli before, Pip and Debby‘s recipe is very beginner friendly! It’s a very basic and classic recipe, so you might be surprised when you finally dive into the food and realize how many epic flavors you can taste!

11. Crock Pot Lasagna 

Lasagna obviously cannot be missing from this list, but we wanted to share an updated recipe, something that combines the greatness of Italian food with the hacks of modern cooking! We found that with Well Plated‘s crock pot lasagna and hope that this will be your next culinary adventure!

12. Pasta Salad 

If you are committed to healthy eating but don’t want to miss out on the perfection that is Italian food, I Wash You Dry has just the recipe you need! Make yourself a big bowl of colorful, nutritious and super delicious pasta salad with the adorable fusilli pasta!

13. Tuscan Tortellini 

Tortellini are one of those things you always get to experiment with, because they pair with so many different flavors and you can fill them with anything from spinach to cheese! If you are eager to learn all about the typical Tuscan tortellini, Chew Out Loud has all the knowledge!

14. Minestrone Soup 

We all have days when we are just not into cooking. When that happens, a minestrone soup is like a saving grace! You can use up the veggies you already have in your fridge, add some tiny pasta, fresh herbs and boom, here you have a soup that will keep you full for hours to come! Visit A Cedar Spoon to see the full process!

15. Pomodoro Gnocchi 

Gnocchi are super simple to make and have such a soft, delicious texture it’s a surprise they’re not on people’s menus more often! Maybe this recipe by Foodie Crush will give you the necessary motivation to enjoy gnocchi with classic Italian flavors!

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