15 Delicious Baking Recipes For Peach Lovers

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9. Peach pie biscuit bombs

Recipes that use peaches as deliciously gooey fillings will always win in our books! There are plenty of ways to make peach filled treats, but this one from Sugar Dish Me will always be one of our favourites. There’s just something about biting into the buns to find the amazing taste of peaches bursting from the inside that feels like a surprise, even when you know exactly what you’re eating because you’re the one that made them!

10. Peach mango coconut oil banana bread

One of the many reasons we love peaches is the fact that they go so well with other fruit flavours, among other tastes. For example, we’ve always loved the way peaches and mangoes complement each other, particularly when it comes to baked things like dessert breads. That’s why we fell in love with this peach mango coconut oil bread from Averie Cooks the very first time we ever tried it! We’d like to tell you how many times we’ve made it since then, but we’re not sure we can count that high, if we’re being honest.

11. Peaches and cream cheese bars

We’ve already shown you a few peaches and cream recipes, but here’s perhaps the creamiest option of the bunch so far! Lady Behind the Curtain takes a unique twist on the “cream” part of that idea and makes these wondrously flavourful dessert bars with cream cheese, ensuring that they’re scrumptious and sweet without being too sweet. We love a baked good that nails the flavour we love most without tasting overwhelming!

12. Brown sugar based peaches

We’ve talked a lot about baking that involves peaches, but what about recipes that actually bake the peaches themselves? Yes, that’s really a thing, and it’s a great thing! Check out how The Kitchen is My Playground made these scrumptious baked peaches topped with butter and brown sugar for a snack that’s quite gourmet even in its simplicity.

13. Skinny peaches and cream Greek yogurt cheesecake

Are you a massive fan of peach flavoured baked goods and fruit topped cheesecakes, but you’ve been trying to watch your calorie intake? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself as long as you’re smart about it! Call Me PMC suggests making yourself this alternative cheesecake recipe that uses Greek yogurt to keep things creamy and delicious without taking the most unhealthy route to the taste you want. Even with the ingredient changes they make, they keep peaches the central focus, and that’s what’s really important here, right?

14. Peach crumb cake muffins

Crumb cakes are always a delicious dessert to make, but because they get so crumbly, cutting and serving them can be a messy process. That’s why we love finding recipes that come in more individualized portions, making it easy for each person in the family to just grab one and eat it without hassle! These peach crumb cake muffins by Lady Behind the Curtain are a perfect example of what we mean.

15. Peach cobbler bars

Do you make fruit cobblers a lot and, even though they’re your favourite thing, you’re still always open to the idea of putting a new twist on the classics so that your family stays interested in the desserts you make them? Then try making these peach cobbler bars instead! They’re a little little less gooey and a little more friendly for on-the-go dessert eaters than the classic recipe. Learn how to make them on I Heart Eating!

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