15 Delicious Baking Recipes For Peach Lovers

One of the biggest thing we can’t wait for each time the weather gets warmer is the opportunity to start baking with fresh peaches! There are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy peaches in the summer, including simply eating them right as they grow, but baking with them is a chance to really incorporate a summery flavour into our favourite treats and one of our favourite family hobbies. Sure, some of these recipes can be done with canned peaches all year round, but there’s just something that can’t be beat about making baked treats using the first batch of fresh peaches you pick up for the season.

Check out these 15 mouthwatering baked peach recipes that will have your entire house smelling fragrant and feeling satisfied!

1. Peach slab pie

If you ask use, just about any fruit based pie wrapped in a fluffy, golden crust is a dream come true. Being the peach-lovers we are, however, you can imagine how pleased we were when we found the perfect yummy recipe for a nice, big peach slab pie! Lady Behind the Curtain shows you how to make a pie with the classic peach pie taste, but larger quantities for your big, hungry family.

2. Peach cobbler

Do you love the peach filling or any pie, but you’re actually more smitten with the idea of a yummy crumbled crust topping than a classic pie crust? Then this peach cobbler recipe from Juggling Act Mama might be a better option for you! The idea of pairing a big helping of peach cobbler with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream like you see in the picture has us practically drooling as we write this.

3. Peaches and cream Napoleon

Peach and dessert crust dishes are always a scrumptious option, but what if you actually prefer baking that incorporates cream in some way, to really get that classic “peaches n’ cream” flavour, without actually dousing your whole bowl in real heavy cream? Cooking With Curls shows you how to get the taste you want without quite so much heavy dairy with their peaches and cream Napoleon recipe.

4. Peaches and cream tart

Do you love the idea of making a peaches and cream recipe but you’d actually rather something with a little more cream and a little less fluffy pie crust? Then you might enjoy a tart instead! Check out this delicious peaches and cream tart from Lady Behind the Curtainthat’s big enough to serve your whole family. We love the way they’ve topped the tart with mouthwatering glazed raspberries!

5. Peach upside down cake

Perhaps you’re browsing this list hoping to find a baked peach recipe that’s more cake based because pies and tarts aren’t really your thing? Then this fluffy peach upside down cake from Food Done Light might be a better option for you! You might serve it just as a peach flavoured sponge cake or top it with actual peach slices for extra flavour, just like in the picture.

6. Peach bundt cake

Do you love the idea of a peach flavoured sponge cake but you’d prefer one that actually has bites of peach inside the cake rather than just on top? Then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy this glazed bundt cake recipe from What’s Cooking Love perhaps the most on this list! They’ve topped it with a light icing drizzle, but you might skip that all together or ice the entire thing if you prefer.

7. Peach bread pudding with sweet basil cream sauce

Have you always been a fan of recipes that have some type of unique flavour element that makes them almost gourmet? Then you might fall in love with this peach bread pudding recipe that from The Frugal Foodie Mama that’s been doused in a scrumptious sweet basil cream sauce for a bit of a flavour contrast!

8. Peach fruit slump

If you’ve never heard of a “fruit slump”, then it’s high time that you tried one, because you’ve been missing out! Why not start with a mouthwatering peach version to really get the full experience? Lady Behind the Curtain teaches you how to make this dessert that features more of a crumbled granola topping rather than a puffed pastry or pie crust.