15 Creative Craft Projects

Glowing Photo Luminaries

I personally love these photo luminaries, they bring a sense of personalization to any area of the home. Dont froget you also can use other pictures than just family photos to match in with your decor.

Paper Reed Frames

This looks great and it is a wonderful craft for children or as adults have a little more fun and get creative.

Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklaces

A great piece of jelewry that you are going to love using thumbprints to make so personal.

Fairy Garden

Here is a great tutorial on making a fantastic fairy garden for your home or yard.

DIY Foam Paint

Here is a fantastic craft that your kids are going to have a blast with. And let us be honest, you are going to get in there and have a lot of fun yourself.

Money Rose

Have you ever been in a position where the only thing you can figure out to give someone as a gift is cash? Maybe you felt that wasn’t very creative or personal? Well, there’s a way you can give cash and still make it interesting and fun.

Spring Wreath

Here is a wonderful piece of home decor for any household. You are going to love it

A Candy Flower Bouquet

This is a great step by step tutorial on how to make a candy flower bouquet.

Paper Rosette

This pattern has an eye catching pop, stands up and has a soft spin in the center. Most viewers like it instantly.

Milk Jug Decorative Window Crafts

A great recycled project that the whole family is going to love. Put those old plastic milk jugs to use.

Plastic Spoon Roses

You need a good tutorial to place the rose petals in the proper way so the finished result looks like a rose. This is the tutorial to get you there.

Homemade Puffy Paint

Puffy paint can get a little expensive well here is your solution. Make homemade puffy paint. Your kids are going to love it and you are going to enjoy the smiles on their faces.

Paper Butterflies

This page will show you different methods for making paper butterflies, including free pattern templates, tutorials, diy and photos of the finished crafts.

Terrarium Ornament

Here is a great re-take on what you would think of as a Christmas ornament but for any time of year.

Picture Frame Luminaries

This is a fantastic craft for yourself or as a gift. Have your favorite pictures set up as a luminary. A beautiful accent to any room, this is a must try craft.