15 of the best bedroom DIY ideas and projects

I‘m particularly obsessed with bedroom improvements at the moment (constantly craving that perfect night’s sleep!) so I’ve popped together 15 of the best bedroom DIY ideas and projects… perhaps you can bookmark a few for the weekend?

1. Book Planters

Book Planter

For the little book worms out there these gorgeous book planters will look divine on your beside table.

2.  Map Flowers


Even though these are technically a wedding DIY, a garland of these map flowers would look beautiful strung along a bed head.

3. Ikea Hack Mini Drawers


I bloody love an Ikea hack and this one is rad. Perfect to store your make up or trinkets on your dressing table.

4. Cut Out Work Art


Even though word art has been done to death in recent years I can feel a little resurgence coming on… love this DIY from The Paper Mama.

5. Cinder Block Bedside Table


A perfect lesson in how to not make cinder block furniture look cheap and tacky.

6. Washi Tape Picture Frames


Perfect for renters. Stick your favourite photos to the wall with Washi tape frames and then peel it off when you move out.

7. DIY Dotty Wallpaper


I absolutely ADORE this wallpaper DIY. It’s literally little black stickers stuck to the wall. Brilliant. 

8. Sharpie Wallpaper


This is another wallpaper DIY but this one is done with Sharpies. Some people are so clever, it’s almost irritating.

9. Gemstone Mirror Frame


I think we all got sick of birthstone decor in the 90s but I stumbled upon this little ‘gem’ (snort!) and I thought it was quite a gorgeous little bedroom project.

10. Crochet Poufs


I may be delusional but these almost look achievable right?

11. Marbled Trinkets


I just loved this nail polish marble DIY – Something tells me there will be a lot of marbling going on this weekend.

12. Adult Hama Bead Mobile


I have BUCKETS of Hama beads hiding in my craft cupboard and I’m so stoked to finally have a way to use them.

13. Wool Patchwork Cat


I’m a sucker for homemade toys and this little guy would look pretty cosy on almost any bed.

14. Washi Tape Vases


A super cheap and easy way to up-cycle old bottles and jars for your bedroom.

15. Cardboard Bedroom Silhouettes


How amazing are these furniture silhouettes? Perfect if you aren’t planning on staying in the same spot for too long.