14 Simple Ways To Clean The Toughest Items In Your Kitchen

Have you ever burned a pan? Or been horrified by the built-up grease on the oven hood? And how about those magically reappearing fingerprints and streaks on the stainless steel fridge? All of these things are little kitchen nightmares that we hate cleaning. And why do we hate them so much? Because they take too much time and they’re too hard to manage.

Well, not anymore, because Rebecca C. Walsh at simplehouseholdtips.com posted 14 simple ways to clean the toughest items in your kitchen. You don’t need to fret over caked-on food inside the fridge, or stains inside the microwave anymore. Whatever method you used before is too slow compared to these slick tricks. See how to freshen up your kitchen the easy way when you click the link below.