13 Trendy and Affordable DIY Backpacks

It’s finally happened; the summer has ended and a new school year is ahead of us. It’s going to be another year of infinite knowledge, new friendships, love life drama … and fashion! The power of a daily outfit is not to be underestimated as it can make or break you in the schoolyard. Even your backpack needs to be unique and charming, reflecting your personality. Here are 13 trendy and affordable DIY backpacks to choose from!


1. Drawstring Backpack

A drawstring backpack is perfect for students who like to have a quick access to the contents of their bag without the loud zipper drawing attention to them in the middle of a quiet lesson. Hello Wonderful has even sewn a pocket on the front of this backpack so you’ll always have your most important items at hand!

2. Mini Backpack

If you don’t need to carry around much stuff and have totally fallen in love with the trend of miniature things, you could use a mini backpack! Despite the small size it’s a very noticeable accessory, particularly because it’s so unusual! Check in with I Am With Wendy to get the details.

3. Cloudy Backpack

Going through a long school day often means we have our head in the clouds. Daydreaming is an important part of the school experience! If you want to celebrate your dreaminess and individuality, Petit a Petit + Family has a tutorial for a cloudy backpack with rainbow straps that you won’t be able to resist!

4. Watercolor Backpack

Watercolors are super trendy and modern, so why not color your plain backpack by the latest fashion! It’s a simple way to give it a cheerful and lively look, one that will inspire you to stay joyful and positive even in the most stressful exam season. Get the tutorial at Babble!

5. Old-Fashioned Backpack

Even though modern trends are dominating the school hallways don’t be afraid to channel some old-fashioned vibes and show your fellow classmates that you can pull off a retro backpack like a total pro! If you like the idea of that, Aggelicat will help with the execution!

6. Leather Jacket Backpack

If you’ve got an old leather jacket don’t get rid of it just yet! Chezlin will show you how to turn it into an amazing leather backpack, perfect for those who resonate with an edgy and vintage style or want to channel their inner badass rockstar!

7. Kid’s Drawstring Backpack

A smaller drawstring backpack is perfect for little kids. They don’t need to carry around many things, especially if they are still in kindergarten or have just started with school. Every parent wants the best for their kid – a soft and light backpack is just that! Find the tutorial at Alice & Lois.

8. Gray Backpack

Do you love neutral color tones and can’t possibly understand what the colorful hype is all about? Adam Atkins will show you how to make a simple gray backpack that has a very professional look and is appropriate for school environments and workplaces alike!

9. Bunny Backpack

Every child wants to feel special. If you surprise them with a unique and magical backpack they will feel like the most special kid in school every day of the year! Sew Much Ado shares the tutorial for an adorable bunny backpack that is as practical as it is cute!

10. Fluffy Monster Backpack

Are you known as the rebel of your school? Show off your disregard for tradition by wearing this fluffy monster backpack by Idunn Goddess! It will stand out from the crowd and make your teachers gasp as you walk down the hallway!

11. Kitten Backpack

When the time comes for your little animal lover to go to school it’s an important milestone for the whole family. The pictures taken on that day will last a lifetime and will always be the most precious memories. Make sure that Lia Griffith‘s kitten backpack is a part of them!

12. Tote Bag Backpack

We love two-in-one products! They are perfect for avoiding clutter and keeping things minimal but efficient. Somewhat Simple has a tutorial for a tote bag that easily doubles as a backpack when you need it! Whether you need to go to a grocery store, a coffee shop or school, this bag can handle it all!

13. Denim Backpack

If you’re looking to make a backpack that you can proudly wear for years to come, without worrying that it will eventually go out of style, Salute to Cute‘s denim backpack is the one. Years from now it will still be considered trendy, thanks to denim’s timeless look!