Japan is a country that is brilliant for many reasons. What we’re going to focus on today is how innovative and creative their population are. Here we present some of the awesome things that you can find in Japan that other countries could definitely benefit from. Some are so simple yet make such big differences! Japan is definitely on our list of places to visit as we really want to see some of these things with our own eyes. Take a look and see what you think! 

Many of the taxis in Japan have automated doors! In and out without having to put in any effort.  

If you’re a cat lover you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of cat friendly cafes to choose from in Japan!


cat cafes


Now this is one we really love. Simple yet so helpful! No more plonking your bag on to dirty floors and we think this reduces the risk of your possessions being vulnerable to thieves. 

In places with high populations such as Japan, parking can be a huge issue. There just isn’t enough space to go around. But, here you can see one way that the Japanese utilize their available space! 

No one is left out of the loop in Japan with these announcement systems that span the entire country! Although their main use is to alert people of emergencies such as earthquakes, when they are not being used for this you can hear them playing lovely music for the public!

How about a pair of DIET goggles? Do you think this will catch on?

Although there are many systems available to assist blind people, much more still needs to be done. Every single can of drink in Japan has its name written in braille on the top. We think every country in the world should do this! 

Japan has many vending machines like the one you’ll see below. They dispense ‘real food’ and proper meals! You can get everything from boiled eggs to pet food. We would be interested to see the quality of the food!


vending machines with real food


If you ever happen to be traveling in Japan, you might notice that some of the trains have hot water baths for people to soak their feet in. That sure is an interesting way to relax on the journey home!

Everyone has those moments where they feel tired at work. The Japanese decided that everyone should have the legal right to sleep during work hours. This is called ‘inemuri’. 

You’ll find that you can hear a sweet song playing when you drive down a few roads in Japan. Interesting! 

The image you see below is of a capsule hotel in Japan. Designed for people who just need to get a good night’s sleep. 

Hanging gas pipes are definitely the way forward! With this idea you don’t have to face those annoying situations when the pump won’t reach your gas fill point. 

Everyone loves popping bubble wrap! With this handy little creation you can pop to your heart’s content. This is great for reducing stress!