13 DIY ideas to do with zippers

You have so many broken zippers at home and you want to throw away because you think you can not put them at good use. But you are wrong, there are many ideas you can do with these zippers and they look awesome. Some ideas can be done with broken zippers and some are with working zippers.

1. Bangels with Zipers
1. Bangels with Zipers Via brit.co
2. Coiled Zipper Necklace
2. Coiled Zipper Necklace Via mementomori5.blogspot.com


3. Earrings with Zipper
3. Earrings with Zipper Via craftaholicsanonymous.net
4. Fancy Necklace
4. Fancy Necklace Via makeitandfakeit.com
5. Front zip denim
5. Front zip denim Via truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com
6. Zipper Barcelet
6. Zipper Barcelet Via brit.co
7. Zipper Barcelets
7. Zipper Barcelets Via cutoutandkeep.net
8. Zipper bracelet
8. Zipper bracelet Via ecouterre.com


10. Zipper Headband
10. Zipper Headband Via ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com
11. Zipper Pouch
11. Zipper Pouch Via trashtocouture.com
12. Zipper Racerback Shirt
12. Zipper Racerback Shirt Via trashtocouture.com
13. Zipper Ring
13. Zipper Ring Via fashion.onblog.at