13 DIY Fire Pits for A Backyard out of a Dream

Picture this: you’re spending your evenings in your backyard by the fire, enjoying the romantic and peaceful ambiance. If you have never considered having a fire pit before, we encourage you to rise to the challenge! There’s a common misconception that fire pits are something only super wealthy people get to enjoy. Guess again! The good people of the internet have figured out how to DIY their way around it! Check out these incredible 13 DIY fire pits and start building your dream backyard!

1. Gray Pavers Fire Pit

Gray pavers offer a simplistic look in natural tones. When the fire isn’t burning, the pit will completely blend in with the natural elements in your garden, but when you’re having a weekend bonfire, you can be sure the atmosphere in your yard will be beyond compare! Get the how-to at Keeping it Simple!

2. Raw Edge Fire Pit

If you don’t want your fire pit to sport a straight, polished edge, Guru’s Man Cave has a fantastic idea for a pit with a raw edge that looks less suburban and more wild! This fire pit is ideal for anyone who truly lives in tune with nature and wants their garden elements to look as coarse as possible!

3. Modern Fire Pit

Even lovers of modern exterior can enjoy relaxing by the fire pit! This beautiful, bowl-like fire pit by Man Made has a chic round design and is covered with pebbles that give it a unique look! It’s perfect for a backyard that has a clearly defined style, but needs just a little bit of spicing up!

4. Square Fire Pit

As you can see at DIY Network, a square fire pit brings in a welcome dynamic that strays from the regular, already-seen round fire pit. It’s the ideal choice for social homeowners who love to entertain and are always looking forward to having some company!

5. Cobble Fire Pit

A smaller cobble fire pit is a great way to add something new to your backyard but not go overboard! Arrange the cobbles into a circle and leave a small space in the center for the fire pit. Setting up a nice bench right next to it goes a long way! Find out all you need to know at Instructables!

6. Chic Backyard Fire Pit

Bower Power has a tutorial for a chic fire pit with a neat look that still feels tribal and connects the best of classic exterior with innovative ideas. If you’ve ever wanted a backyard piece that makes you feel close to nature and looks trendy at the same time, this is the one to go with!

7. Stone Fire Pit

For a truly organic backyard, this stone fire pit is a must! With Hometalk providing you with instructions, you can easily make it yourself and enjoy in a one-of-a-kind piece that celebrates the beauty of natural materials!

8. 4-Step Fire Pit

Maybe you’re not a craftsman at heart but you’re still wishing for a fire pit. Not to worry, A Beautiful Mess is here to help! You’ll be blown away by the fact that you can make a real-deal fire pit (one that doesn’t look like a DIY project) in only four steps!

9. Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

Nature can be the best source of inspiration! We found this incredible fire pit at Instructablesand were instantly charmed by the way it imitates tree rings! The concrete material is very sustainable, so you can bet this pit will survive all weather conditions!

10. 10$ Fire Pit

A proper fire pit for only 10$? Yes please! House & Fig shows you step by step how to make a fire pit that looks flawless and almost costs you nothing! If you have a friend that is looking for a fire pit, go the extra mile and make this for them as a surprise!

11. Tabletop Fire Pit

If you are looking for something more elegant and sophisticated, a tabletop fire pit is the greatest choice. It has the charm and warmth of the fire, as well as the trendiness of a miniature contemporary element! Get the tutorial at The Art of Doing Stuff!

12. Beginner Friendly Fire Pit

Setting up your first fire pit requires some patience and innovation. With this in mind, we searched for the perfect tutorial for beginners who need a simple fire pit that is easily assembled and doesn’t look too over the top. We found the best one at The Inspired Room!

13. Fire Glass Fire Pit

Maybe traditional fire pits bore you and you’d rather have one with a bit more personality. Adding fire glass into a fire bowl instantly turns it into a fabulous, colorful piece that captures everyone’s attention even when the fire isn’t burning! Get the details at Today’s Creative Life!