13 Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas with Pebbles and River Rocks

Do you feel bored at your home and you are so desperate to make it a better place for living? At the same time you don’t want to spend that much on buying new stuff for your home? Then this article is made for you!

If you were looking for those simple yet eye-catching home decor pieces then look no further than DIY crafts with pebbles and river rocks.
The pebbles and river rocks are obviously very cheap, so easy accessible and they can be transformed into some pretty cool decor projects, also it doesn’t take much effort to create!

Simply imagine all of the possibilities that pebbles and river rocks can be turned into home decor! From adorable river rock mats and pebble coasters and all the way to some beautiful wall art that can be made from them and the list of ideas does not end there, the options are endless. You just have to unleash your creativity, that’s all you have to do.

For you we have prepared some of our favorite DIY Home Decor ideas with pebbles and river rocks. Please Enjoy.

A Mudroom Mat

Tutorial: Learn Observer

Simply fill the boot tray with some pebbles and river rocks to get a quick makeshift mudroom mat that is very attractive and functional. It won’t be only collecting dirt more effectively but it is visually appealing as well.

The Pebble Coaster

Tutorial HERE!

Pebbles not only make great coasters but also a heat pad for hot kitchen utensils. It is very easy to glue it together and as a result you will get some whimsical decor accent for your kitchen.

Candle Holder

Source HERE!

Check this amazing idea for a candle holder that we’ve recently found on Instagram. It is very easy to make by gluing the pebbles together and some simple art for the googly eyes  which are of course optional but super cute!


Amazing Pebble Wall Art

Source HERE!

Don’t you think that pebble art is quite adorable? This  lovely piece of art was found on Etsy but feel free to experiment with similar crafts as it is really easy to create.

A Rock Covered Vase

Tutorial HERE!

You can create this wonderful mosaic vase with river rocks  simply by covering a plain bucket with them. All you gotta need is a bunch of different rocks and adhesive to craft a remarkable decor piece.

Rustic Pebble Art

Tutorial HERE!

Another project idea we’ve came across on Etsy, this time a piece of wall art for  giving your home a rustic vibe. For this particular craft you need a piece of drift wood and a few interesting river rocks ( colored ones look better). Glue them all together for a nice decor statement piece.

Gorgeous Rocky Vase

Tutorial HERE!

Use these beautiful rocks to bring the outside details to your interior decor by transforming MEH vases into eye-catching ones. Transforming a simple terracotta pot is easy.

Decorative Tree

Tutorial HERE!

This beautifully created tree can do wonders to your vignettes. This project was made of wire and old jewelry as well as using a rock as the base of it. While this takes some craftiness we are confident that you can replicate it fairly easily.

Healing Crystals

Tutorial HERE!

Start cleansing your room decor vibe by using beautifully made healing crystals as wall hangings. They make stunning wall decors and it really is an effective way to decorate with handicrafts.

Rock Paper Weights

Found on Pinterest!

It is so simple yet has so much effect, you just paint river rocks to create those lovely paper weights. They can be used around the house to sprinke some abstract and joyful decor detail in your displays.

Cute Pebble Bowl

Tutorial HERE!

Here is another amazingly creative DIY decor idea from pebbles. This particular bowl can easy add a whimsical accent to your home decor vignettes.

Rock Door and Drawer Knobs

Tutorial HERE!

If your cabinet doors got old and need an upgrade, why to spend money on things that probably wear off very quickly, try adding a quirky accent with these handles that are made of rocks. It’s a fairly easy project if you follow the tutorial.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree

Found on Pinterest!

Can we count sea glass as pebbles? If so, you will be able to make this adorable Christmas tree decoration in a rustic spirit. It’s different from everything else out there and  definitely gives a unique accent for your decor.