11 Things You Had No Idea Were Illegal

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I’m a pretty straight-laced person, but every so often I discover that I’ve been breaking the law all along. They’re usually small laws, and kind of useless if you ask me.

What do you mean I have to register my cat?! I need a burn permit for that fire pit?!

Then there are the really, really strange ones. All around the world, you’ll find strange rules that I’m sure had a meaning at some point but have been lost over the years.

I have to wonder if anyone even goes through the books to see what we actually need!

Have you broken these?

1. In Canada, it’s illegal to “fraudulently” practice witchcraft.

Or to tell fortunes for money.

tumblr | honourinrevenge

2. China has banned TV dramas that show time travel.

No Doctor Who?!

DeviantArt | TheGoldenChicken

3. It’s illegal to unlock an iPhone.

But jailbreaking it is fine, apparently.

4. It’s illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon.

An attendant has to do it for you.

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