11 Space Saving Ideas

Interior design, plays a significant role on the proper management of your space. Sometimes, people overcrowd their houses with furniture that are not multifunctional. Let’s see some of the most amazing ideas which surely will increase the space at your house.

If you have a small bedroom for your child, this item allows you to use 2 floors; one floor as a spot for playing and the other floor for  the bed.

As you may see this rack does not take too much space. Beside this, in each drawer you can store many shoes.

Add space to your house by putting down the bed things you rarely need. On the side of the bed build some shelters for your books or other items.

This idea is perfect for those who work for long hours at home. The furniture is fixed on the wall while the chair is comfortable.

This type of bed allows you to use the space by hiding the bed inside the shelves.

If you love books and plants this idea suits your preferences. In the second floor, you can put your books and above the plants.

This item turns into a living room area. Such an amazing way to save some place.

If you need more place in your side of the table, all you have to do is slide in and out the sides of the table.

No worries for space at home with this piece. You will have the living room area and a bed at the same place.

Folding bed is always welcomed in the small houses. This piece is great for your children’s room or even for guests.

If you need more space at your kitchen, place a rack above the sink. You can storage soap and towels there.