11 Cake Ideas You Would Love

You have a big family and a lot of birthdays all around the year and always struggling to find the perfect cake. Here are 11 cake ideas you would love.

1. Put two Bundt cakes together for a perfect 3 shape
For 3- and 33-year-olds only: Put two Bundt cakes together for a perfect 3 shape.


2. Do not frost all the cake but leaving the sides of a cake unfrosted. Less work and looks good.
Leaving the sides of a cake unfrosted is less work and totally chic.

3. Give a message with banner.
Send your message with happy birthday banner.


4. Add fruits for a better cake.
Fruit can also be very pretty.

5. Make a rainbow out of your cake
A rainbow approach is also fun.

6. Add tiny adorable balloons on top the cake.
Tie tiny adorable balloons to skewers and stick 'em in the cake.

7. Ombré layers are awesome
Ombré layers are less natural, but totally awesome.

8. Banana splits, ice cream and chocolate? Put them on top of a cake!
Does your birthday person love banana splits? Go ahead, put one on top of a cake!

9. Have a cake made out of cookies but also cover it with cookies.
ALERT ALERT ALERT there are balls of cookie dough inside this cake, which is also covered with cookies.


10. For your girly girl have pink frosting, sprinkles, and tiny ballerinas on the cake.
For the girly girl (or guy) in your life: pink frosting, sprinkles, and tiny ballerinas.


11. Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.
Just for the record, we're partial to chocolate.

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