10 Hottest DIY Crafts You Can Do Using Nail Polish

Isn’t it amazing when you take something ordinary and transform it into something gorgeous that will blow everyone’s mind?

In this particular post we gonna show you just that! Below will be shown  some amazing DIY Crafts that were created only by nail polish or the makeup  that you were never going to use it again, why throwing them out when you could simply re-purpose it!

The beautiful thing about these crafts is that they actually turn out into something very eye-catching  so if you are thinking of trying some of them  just know that you will be able to sell them, also they can be done just for fun without any other interest.

We promise, it’s gonna be a lot of fun!



Kisses Wall Art

Start creating a beautiful print by slapping on some kisses with lipstick or simply displaying fake eyelashes! Tutorial HERE

A Floral Crown

This stunning crown has been floating for about some time now on Pinterest and it is really easy to make. All the stuff you need is just some Nail polish, wire and a few other stuff. Tutorial HERE

DIY Dotted Glasses

Create some unique glasses by simply using the nail polish to add simple dots at the bottom and sides of the glass, when you serve your friends and guests with this will be the winner thing of that night! Tutorial HERE

Dipped Mugs


A new crazy beautiful trend are these mugs dipped in nail polish. We can fully understand the hype for this project since our mugs turned out really beautiful too. Tutorial HERE

Color Code Keys

If you are that busy person with a lot of keys, this one is surely for you. You can easily keep track of which key is for which door or lock by painting them in a different color with nail polish. Tutorial HERE


We recently posted a Washi Tape list and one of them included using the tape to create pretty pencils. Turns out they look pretty with nail polish too! Tutorial HERE

Revamp Sunglasses

Why don’t you revamp your old sunglasses by creating fun looking patterns on them? Tutorial HERE

Pretty Leather Shoes


Turn a plain pair of leather shoes into something stunning! This chic style with different colors will surely get attention. Tutorial HERE

A 5 Minute Necklace

Such a quick craft that really transforms your simple necklace into something extraordinary! Tutorial HERE

Galaxy Necklaces

As an astronomy lover, I’ve been loving the galaxy trend and the galaxy-related products, clothes and DIY projects popping up all over the interwebs. So I thought I’d make it myself, and share the tutorial. It’s an easy, fun, quick project that requires next to no crafting skills and doesn’t cost a fortune in supplies. Tutorial HERE