It can be often be stressful when preparing for a trip to a hotel. Items like cell phone and tablet chargers are often forgotten. Then there are those nagging thoughts about clean bed sheets and surfaces. If that wasn’t enough you’re probably wondering about the hotel food… what if you don’t like it or its too expensive? Thankfully we have some helpful hacks to squash these thoughts and more! Read on for details.


Wrap your food in a hotel shower cap before putting it in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Shower cap wrappopsugar


Use your hotel room coffee maker to cook a tasty dinner!

broccoli cookinglank” rel=”noopener”>wonderhowto


Forgot your exfoliator? Use sugar packets instead!

sugar packetsthecontainerstore


A stinky room is no problem so long as you always carry a handy pack of dryer sheets!

ac unit dryer sheetfuncage


Always check for horrible bed bugs in any hotel room. They can give a nasty bite.

bed bug checkmoxiepestcontrol


Hungry but no grill? Make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron!

grilled cheese irongrilledcheesesocial


Need some privacy? Use a hanger to clip the curtains shut.

hanger curtainslifehacker



Use a cup or glass as a speaker for your phone. This gives the impression of surround sound without the need for speakers or a docking station!

phone glasslilyandbliss


Do you trust those counter tops in hotel bathrooms to be clean?

toothbrush pegsdumpaday


If you always forget your charger but carry your USB cable in your luggage, this is a great solution to a low cell battery.