10 Creative DIY Paper Lantern Projects

If you have some supply of paper and you are thinking to turn those papers to some crafts then how about making a lamp or lantern? For that we have collected some really awesome ideas. Take a look:


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2. DIY Paper Doily Lanterns

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3. How To Make A Chinese Paper Lantern

Kids love to make things so why not create a fabulous string of lanterns and decorate your balcony or kids’ bedroom today?  In this video you’ll discover how to create stunning Chinese Paper Lanterns – it’s a great creative art and craft kids activity.

4. Fancy Paper Lantern Ball

These are easy craft ideas which shows how to make Fancy Paper Lantern Balls by easy steps. Lighting is what turns your home into a place for doing things you love. Fancy Paper Lantern Balls are very beautiful. You can easily make these Fancy Paper Lantern Ball with this video tutorial. With these balls, you can decorate your home, wedding party, events etc.

5. Flying Paper Lanterns

Flying paper lanterns are like small hot air balloons, made of tissue paper and a simple fire source. Most of the supplies can be found around the house and only takes a couple of hours to complete. They can be launched for fun or as part of a celebration. Many people also believe that releasing a lantern is good luck. You can write your wishes or worries and send it off into the sky.

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6. Spring in Bloom Paper Lanterns

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7.  Newspaper Tube Lamp

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8. Paper cup flower lamp

In this video tutorial, I will share with you how I make a flower lamp from 5 small paper cups. This project will take a while to complete, as there is quite a bit of scissor work. However, the result is quite rewarding. This lamp is a very attractive decor for your living space.

There are several benefits of using paper cups for the lampshade /lantern like this one. As the recylcing/upcycling effort, this is a terrific project for making the best out of waste. Second, the waxy paper material of the cup provides good texture for decor. Third, the paper on the cup is reasonably thick. Not only is it easy to shape, but it is also relatively durable. Last, the thickness of the paper is just right for light penetration.

9.  DIY Indoor Clouds

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10. Butterfly lamp

In this video, I will share with you how I make a pentagonal lamp surrounded by butterflies. The tracing paper gives impressive shadows of the butterfly wings. This lamp is great for your room decor.

After cutting out the butterfly template and attaching the tracing paper, be sure to wait for the glue to dry before creasing into the lampshade units. Tracing papers glide easily on wet glue, resulting in excessive wrinkling.

Please also follow the video step by step when you cut the butterfly. As the cutting is very intricate, you will work on the small fine areas before performing big cuts to avoid the template moving around.

This lamp measures about 17 cm in height and 25 cm in width.