10 adorable DIYs to do for your baby

1. Dinosaur Onesie
Dinosaur Onesie

Tutorial here.

2. Moveable Fabric Road
Moveable Fabric Road

Directions here.

3. Stamped Fox Blanket
Stamped Fox Blanket

Directions here.

4.Bib Made From Recycled ShirtsBib Made From Recycled Shirts

Perfect for aspiring baby hipsters. Directions here.

5. Felt Baby Slippers
Felt Baby Slippers

Directions here.

6.Clay Cloud Mobile
Clay Cloud Mobile

Directions here.

7.Teddy Bear Hat
Teddy Bear Hat

GRRRRRR. Directions here.

8.Fabric Blocks
Fabric Blocks

Find out how here.

9.Floral Headband
Floral Headband

I didn’t have any hair to speak of until I was about three, so I used to wear these all the time so people still knew I was a girl. Directions here.

10. Child’s Swing
Child's Swing

Find out how to make it here.